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Super-Heroes With Part Time Jobs.


38 Year old Artist Chow Hon Lam has created his “Part Time job” series.

It’s a sequence of adorable little pieces which portray Super-Heroes in possible “alternate” professions.

Some of these are so perfect. Iron Man is sorta obvious. The Invisible woman and Deadpool’s jobs are pure genius. Spider-Man’s is just too cute and Batman, well Batman’s is the one that brings the whole set together!

In a recent interview with Enfuzed, the artist said:

“The “Part Time Job” project actually started with a batch of 6 superheroes with their Part Time Jobs, surprisingly it received very good responses from people. I decided to continue this project and create more “Part Time Jobs” for them. Those superheroes definitely can do more jobs with their abilities beside save the world.”

Check out this amazing series below.

Brilliant Artist Creates Firefly In Disney Style!


We thing that this is, by far, our favourite Disney Mash-Up.

Firefly, brought to us in the style of Disney, almost looking like a poster for an animated series.

Stephen Byrne’s incredible art style makes this adorable project stand out above all the rest. We love the unique and unusual interpretations of each of the characters, of course all in keeping with the Disney theme. River’s appearance enforces her “little sister” role in the show. Jayne looks so much in a huff, arms crossed across his huge barrel chest, whilst Kaylee exudes everything that Jewel State brought to the character.


The cheeky little “Coming soon” at the foot of the image is a tease to us firefly fans, who’d give anything to see it again. Although maybe that’s something Whedon should consider? An animated series would have a lower budget and voice acting requires much less commitment, or interference with other projects.

We truly love the work of Stephen Bryrne, he’s created other, fantastic and geeky works that we love and really hope you’ll check out his Facebook page to see more. 


See Opening Scene of Joss Whedon’s New Film!


In Your Eyes is a “paranormal romance”, written by the master geek himself, Joss Whedon. He’s also the executive producer on the film. Directed by Brian Hill and starring Zoe Kazan, alongside Michael Stahl-David, the movie follows two strangers, who are inexplicably connected.

Rebecca Porter and Dylan Kershaw are two people whose lives are completely different, in almost every way. She’s a middle class doctor’s wife and he’s an “ex-con struggling to make a fresh start” They live in completely different parts of America and are somehow able to sense what the other is feeling and experiencing. Something they’ve been able to do, going by the opening scene, since they were children.

As long time Whedon fans, over here at Geek retreat, we know that he’s got a way with romantic stories. One of the things that made Buffy, Angel, Firefly and even Dr Horrible so captivating was the way Whedon created on screen dynamics. He’s able to create a beautiful, almost fairy tale feel to the romances he writes.

Entertainment Weekly has recently posted up a clip, the opening sequence f the movie, which will make its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend.

It’s definitely interesting, but too short to get a real idea of what the film will be like.


Check it out here!

Will Frozen’s Princesses Appear In Once Upon A Time?


Will Disney’s Frozen be the latest fairy tale to be incorporated into Once Upon A Time?

Fans of the ABC show Once Upon A Time will be used to it bringing their favourite fairy tale characters to life. Now they might get the opportunity to see more recent stories and characters on their TV screens. The show’s producers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told E Online that they’ve been having talks about writing the princesses from Disney’s latest smash, Frozen, into the show.

Not only that but they’d want the voice actors themselves to play the roles.

Why not? Both of the vocal talents, behind the sisters, are accomplished screen actresses. It stands to reason they’d bring their animated counterparts to life.

The producers are also quoted in Hypable as saying

“We would be completely honored if Kristen Bell or Idina Menzel wanted to do our show.”

When asked about this possibility, Kristen Bell responded very enthusiastically.

“That would be unbelievable,”

“I love that character of Anna so much. She is exactly who I wanted to see when I was five years old. She is really close to my heart.”

It seems that Frozen’s cultural impact might continue for quite some time.


How excited would you be if the duo were to appear on the show?

Tell us your thoughts.




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LEGO – William Shatner Vs William Shakespeare


Here’s a movie idea…

William Shatner pilots a huge mech, travelling back in time in an attempt to assassinate William Shakespeare; all while dressed as Captain Kirk.

If you’re thinking to yourself “I’d watch that movie!” then you are in luck my friend. You can do just that. In fact, you can do better than that; you can watch that exact plot being played out, in the medium of LEGO!

The fantastic minds over at AMAA Productions have created a short movie that pits Bard against Starship Captain. It’s Titanfall meets Star Trek meets Shakespeare!

Shakespear is just having a normal day before the arrival of Captain Kirk and his crazed vendetta. The two begin an epic battle, but before Kirk can finish off the playwright, another Star Trek Captain intercedes and decides to save the day.

Who could it be? What other Captain could have such an invested interest in protecting Shakespeare?

That’s a tricky question.

Check out this amazing short film here!

Action Bill – A LEGO Stop Motion Short Film from AMAA Productions on Vimeo.

Magic: The Gathering – Journey into Nyx Pre Release!

magic jin prerelease image

Is everyone excited for the upcoming release of Journey into Nyx?

We definetly are.

Geek Retreat is hosting 3, that’s right you heard us, 3 Journey into Nyx pre-release events next weekend!

These events are not to be missed, if the Planeswalker Guide to the Journey into Nyx is anything to go by, so get ready to do battle and win some prizes.

After listening to feedback from our brilliant attendees at our last pre-release event, we’ve decided to revamp our prize structure. Everyone that plays in the event will receive 2 boosters of Journey into Nyx (subject to availability) and an additional booster for each match you win. This works out to, roughly, 4 boosters per player in the prize pool.

Sound good? Well we’re not finished with the perks yet!

You also get a free drink, included in the event price, as soon as you walk in the door and a pack of Ultra-Pro sleeves, to protect your precious, precious cards.

And more still…

We’ll also be running an in-store competition, with more details to follow, over the weekend. This is your chance to come in for some pre-release action and play with new cards, a week before they’re due to be released.

Pre registration is now open!

You can contact us via facebook, email us at [email protected], or call us on 0141 611 8229.

[Make sure to specify which event/s you wish to register for]

The event’s prices are:

1 event – £25
2 events – £45
3 events – £60

Event times:

Saturday 26th April – 6pm
Sunday 27th April – 11am
Sunday 27th April – 6pm

*Please note that the late starts may run close to midnight.

What’s With The Spider-Man Post Credit Scene?


This article contains spoilers. Not for the movie itself, but for the “post credit” scene that plays at the end of The Amazing Spider-man 2. 

It’s not often that two different studios work together, even less often that they actually promote what could be seen as competing projects. So what exactly are Sony and Fox up to?

For those of you who’ve watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in cinemas, after its release this week. You might be wondering why on earth the, now obligatory for all Marvel movies, post credit clip wasn’t anything to do with the Sony owned Spider-Man franchise. Instead we were treated to a clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past, owned by Fox.

This is not, as we might hope, a sign of future crossovers or collaborations between these two Marvel properties. Which is a shame; a large part of Spider-Man’s appeal is his interaction with other super heroes. Having him all alone in the big bad world is just never going to realise the full potential of this character.

It seems odd that Sony would give Fox’s upcoming superhero movie such an amazing advertising spot.

Not so odd when you find out what Sony got in return.

A director.

It turns out that The Amazing spider-Man 2′s director, Mark Webb (waits for puns to start) was under a contract with Fox that would have made his involvement with Spidey impossible. Fox allowed him out of his obligations on the condition that Sony would help to promote their X-Men project.

Well isn’t that all very civil and un-Hollywood like!

Still, it’s disheartening that this didn’t mark the beginning of cross universe collaboration. Fox can, for the most part, get by without the extended Marvel universe. The X-Men have a large roster to pull from and Fox have indicated they want to use a similar model to the Avengers franchise. But Sony doesn’t have much to use. Even if they intend to bleed the Spidey-verse dry, starting with their proposed Sinister Six project.

Andrew Kreisberg Talks About Arrow’s Future!

unnamed (2)

CW’s Arrow returned to the network last night, after a short scheduling break. In the lead up to the broadcast, the show’s producer; Andrew Kreisberg gave an interview to the guys over at Collider in which he discussed what’s going to happen in the last few episodes and gave a few hints about what series 3 might hold.

Warning to viewers of the show: There are spoilers in the interview. If you aren’t up to date with Arrow, you may want to hold off before reading this.

Episode 19: “The Man Under the Hood”, broadcasts tonight at 8pm on Sky1.

Have you been sufficiently warned of the spoilers below?

Okay, here goes…

In this week’s episode, Slade Wilson revealed Oliver Queen’s secret to his long-time friend, and on again, off again love interest; Laurel Lance.

ARROWWhen asked about Laurel’s somewhat surprising reaction to the news, Kreisberg had this to say:

“Laurel has obviously had a very rough year.  When Slade told Laurel, he thought that that was going to be yet another devastating death charge into Oliver’s life.  I think that Laurel’s reaction to finding out the news, and not just taking it at face value, but being smart about it, her emotional reaction to the news is surprising.”

“With Laurel, now that she knows, whatever she’s doing, whenever she’s in a scene with somebody, her world view has shifted and it’s different.  I think Katie has really risen to it, and it’s really exciting to see how that plays out, in the last three episodes.  Laurel makes the very classy decision to keep Oliver’s secret because she knows that what he needs right now is not knowing that she knows.  She will discover, later on, that there is a time when he does need to know.”

Going on, he then gave more detail about how this revelation might affect the relationship dynamic between Laurel and Oliver he said:

“It’s Oliver and Laurel.  It’s Lois and Clark.  They can break up, get together, sleep together, break up, get married, get divorced, and she can forget him.  The best part about the success of the show is that it’s always our desire to speed through story.  The fans appreciate that.  We just blow through things.  We’re not like, “Well, we’ll do that in Season 4.”  No, we’ll just do that now.”

He made sure to let us know that “Laurel will always be one of the closest people to him, whether that’s romantic or not.”  

“There has been a subset of fans who have questioned our sanity and our talent, for making some of the decisions we’ve made, over the course of last year and this year, but somebody is always going to be upset.  A lot of the things we have done have been leading up to what we’re doing in the finale, and then moving that forward to Season 3.”

He then went on to talk about the changes which the Queen family are experiencing from a financial point of view, how that will impact on the show and its characters leading in to season 3 and what we can expect:

arrow_season_2_poster_small“We’re gonna make it a thing.  That plays out in the last five episodes.  We’re gonna start Season 3 with Oliver in very different circumstances than he’s been before.  Obviously, him being in different circumstances changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard and paid assistant, since he can no longer pay them.  For Season 3, you’ll see that some of our familiar standing sets from Season 1 and 2, that you’ve come to know and love as being Arrow, are gonna be retired for reasons that will become apparent, as you see these last episodes.  We have already seen designs for some of the new sets for Season 3, which are amazing.  We want the show to feel like it’s constantly evolving, changing and growing.  If this year is the sequel, then next year is Arrow 3.  As different as 2 is from 1, in 3, they got Ewoks.”

The final big talking point of the event was when Kreisberg was asked about the Flash spin off and the crossover of characters between that show and Arrow and why they decided to bring over a couple more characters for this episode:

“Originally, The Flash was going to be a backdoor pilot for Episode 20, but we were blessed with this very humbling success where those episodes were so well-received and came out so well that they said, “Make a full pilot.”  We suddenly then had to make an Episode 20, which we’re always happy to do.  We knew that a lot of the fans had been looking forward to seeing a little bit of The Flash in the season, and we felt obliged to fulfil that promise.  And one of the fun things for the show, especially early in the season, we were constantly mentioning the particle accelerator.  And then, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) coming to the show.  It just felt like a fun way to bring up Barry and remember where he’s at, and give a little taste of the show.  It’s a little more sci-fi than what we do on Arrow, but it felt a little bit more like you get a glimpse into what kinds of things The Flash will be up against, more than what is coming into our world.  Growing up, Greg Berlanti’s favorite thing was that cross-overs between The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.  I loved all of the cross-overs between Buffy and Angel.  One of my favorite cross-over moments is in Angel, when Angel is Angelus and he hears the Slayer is in town.  He calls Dawn and says, “Hey, is your sister there?  She is?  Great!”  And he hangs up and goes, “Damn, it’s the other one.”  It was just like, “Right, they’re all in the same world.”  And this felt like that to me.  It wasn’t like The Flash and Arrow were teaming up together.  These people work at Star Labs and they know Felicity ‘cause she’s been there.  I like that.  It makes the show feel lived in.”

He added that there are no current plans for the characters of Cisco and Caitlin to return to our screens in Arrow, but we’re all looking forward to seeing more of them when Flash debuts later this year.

And finally, when asked if he could tease any information about the finale he said:

“The finale is f**king insane!  I saw dailies.  You’re gonna die!”

Sounds like Season 2 could just about live up to the level of tension set by the finale of season 1 and deliver another big ending that will leave us dying to find out what happens next. You can read the full interview over at Collider.

Arrow is broadcast in the UK on Sky1, Thursday nights at 8pm. You can also catch up with series one on Netflix now.

Rogue Is Back In X-Men: Days Of Future Past!


Looks like things have changed in X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

Early reports that Anna Paquin had been completely cut out of the movie and so we’d be getting no Rogue at all in this time jumping, super-hero movie might have been exaggerated.

We all remember the news that Rogue’s only scene in Days of Future Past had ended up on the editing room floor. The star of HBO’s True Blood had filmed with and even appeared alongside the cast in promotional tours, but every trace of her character had apparently been removed from the movie. The only reason Singer gave for this decision was that her single scene was non essential to the plot of the movie.

Well, as it turns out, you can’t keep Rogue down… or out.

Buzzfeed have discovered that Anna Paquin will definitely be in the movie.  The clever clogs over there noticed that Paquin’s name still appeared in the credits of the most recent trailer. According to Buzzfeed:

“a rep for 20th Century Fox has confirmed to BuzzFeed that Paquin is back in the film. “Essentially, [it’s] a cameo,” the rep said.”

With the final trailer having just been released, expectations are at an all time high for the more recent installment in the X-Men franchise.

So will the presence of Rogue, even if it is just a “cameo” help the movie ?

Tell us your thoughts.





Pokemon Tournament This Weekend At Geek Retreat!

Pokemon tournament

Attention Pokemon Fans!

Geek Retreat is holding its monthly tournament on Sunday the 20th of April.

Doors open at 11am for 11.30am start to the event.

This is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills and make sure you’re ready for regionals next week!

Pokemon Regionals are being held at the Conpulsion Gaming Convention in Edinburgh. The convention will take place over the 26th and 27th of April. That leaves you just over a week to prep your deck and get it ready for battle!

Due to this event being a casual event with an emphasis on testing for regionals, we are going to allow 5 proxies. Please ensure that they’re as clear as possible.

Cost: £10 (includes a free drink)
Time: 11am for 11.30am start
Prize: 3 Boosters per person in the prize pool and distributed based on final standings.

Any questions you can email us at [email protected]

Or call us on 0141 611 8229

Final X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer


The brand new, and final, trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past has hit the web.

This one is not like the others, it’s got more character, you can start to really see what the plot of the movie is going to look like and it’s got some funk!

That funk is delivered in the form of more wise-cracking Wolverine and an accompaniment of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” (somewhat updated instrumental version.) Is there any trailer that wouldn’t be made better by some Zeppelin? I defy you to find one. Go on, find one and I’ll prove you wrong.

It’s understandable why they kept this trailer until last. It’s by far the best in terms of charm. The other trailers show us a movie that has fantastic special effects, plenty of action and truly epic scope.

This trailer shows off the people, their interactions and characterizations. It gives us a peek into what the quieter scenes will be like, while still keeping the action visible.

This is the trailer for everyone who has been wondering if this movie would have the same fun, adventure elements to it that we loved in X-Men: First Class.

It really seems like it will.

Check it out here.


Sneak Peek – Guardians Of The Galaxy


Last night, after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aired on American television, were were given a sneak peek featurette for the upcoming Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy!

With cast and crew interviews, plus exclusive new movie footage, the one minute video packs a lot of excitement and chat into a small amount of time.

As if viewers weren’t already on the edge of their seats after an explosive episode of SHIELD, we were given some extra icing on our cake.

This awesome look behind the scenes, comes on the heels of other exciting news on the Guardians front. Last week Nathan Fillion pretty much confirmed that he has nabbed a part in the movie, but left the role he’d be playing a mystery.

Check out the brand new featurette


Geek Retreat Birthday Cosplay Competition – Amazing Prizes!


Geek Retreat will be celebrating it’s birthday next month. In fact, it’s on May the 4th (be with you) because a geeky birthday just adds to our appeal, don’t you think?

On the special day we’ll be holding an epic Cosplay Competition between opening till 6.30 pm!

There will be fabulous prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. Some incredible store merch will be among the things you can win.

1st prize will be… drum roll….. tickets to X-Men: Days of Future Past & Guardians of The Galaxy!!!

Yep you heard us right, those are the first prize.

Plus all of our favourite costumes will have their pictures adorn the walls of the famous Geek Retreat “Stairway of Geekery”! This way, you’ll be famous and admired by all who enter the HQ! Immortalized in the hall of geek!

The winner will be decided upon at 6.30pm.

Easter Opening Hours!


Hi folks, we’ve heard that a few of you have been asking about Geek Retreat’s opening times over the Easter weekend.

Well, let us put your mind at ease. GR HQ will be open as normal over the entire weekend.

For those of you unfamiliar with our opening times, we have a quick refresher below.

Opening hours:

Weekdays: 11am – 9pm
12 Noon – 8pm
Sunday:     10am – 7pm


For bookings feel free to call us on 0141 611 8229

Late Night Reviews Of Tomorrow’s Comics!

Comic Reviews

Who’s ready for some comic reviews?

Well you’re in luck then, aren’t you. We have a selection of reader reviews for all you lovely people.

Check out some of these reviews, we have some highly anticipated titles for you to peruse at your leisure. So, if you’re trying to decide what to buy tomorrow (AKA Comic book Day) then this is the place to be.

Just click the thumbnails below to read the reviews and remember, all of these titles are available in store at Geek Retreat HQ!


Ult- Fantastic Four #1 Reviewed by Peter Duffy

Ult- Fantastic Four #1
Reviewed by
Peter Duffy

Sinestro #1  Reviewed By  Andrew Duffy

Sinestro #1
Reviewed By
Andrew Duffy

Ghost Wolf #1 Reviewed by Dominic Kelly

Ghost Wolf #1
Reviewed by
Dominic Kelly

The Hulk #1 Reviewed by Peter Duffy

The Hulk #1
Reviewed by
Peter Duffy

Star Mage #1 Reviewed by Andrew Duffy

Star Mage #1
Reviewed by
Andrew Duffy